Sat. May 21st, 2022
Bethany Bull

The latest Story from acclaimed author – Bethany Bull.

This is my adventure and my name is Blue, I am a raindrop and this is the story of my cycle. As raindrops we always meet in the clouds where we gather to excitedly catch up on all our news. As we huddle together we form a cloud where we all float merrily along chatting about what we do when we fall and who we saw and met up with, until there are so many of us we start bumping into each other. I loved going back to the clouds when all the raindrops gathered, it was buzzing (like being in a busy shopping mall on a Saturday morning!) I would dash about meeting and greeting friends, family and the ‘newbies’.

The ‘newbies’ were new drops which had just evaporated up in great storms, and like us were huddled together to form fat, dark, very heavy grey clouds. As we bump into each other we create lightning and thunder then we burst and explode and drop to earth as rain. Here our adventures start. Raindrops get together in the sky on lovely warm sunny days. When our cloud gets grey and very heavy, they burst open and we fall to earth to start our adventures. Some will fall in the sea, some onto very dry scorched land, some into rivers and lakes. A raindrop’s cycle comes to an end if it falls onto the desert, where it soaks into the dry ground. I heard the loud bang and I realized my new cycle had begun. I fell, down, down, down until I landed with a huge plop in the middle of a lake. I glanced quickly about me to see if any of my friends were with me. Oh no, I thought, this lake was so vast dark and deep, how would I ever meet up with them? I was frightened. I did not want to make this journey on my own, but what could I do? I had no other choice but to carry on, if I was lucky I would bump into someone I knew sooner or later. I hoped! Bobbing along in the dark, I began day dreaming, thinking about the fun I had with my friends in the cloud. Not concentrating on where I was going, I bumped into something, HARD!! Ouch, I thought, what was that?

When I looked to see what it was, all I could see was a huge dark shape as black as ink. Peering into the dark more intently I realized it was an enormous dark rock rising up from the depths of the deep lake. Phew, I thought, I had better get a grip and stop being such a baby!! Otherwise my adventure would be long, scary and very lonely. Bravely and more aware of where I was bobbing I carried on, whistling to myself to keep my courage up. After what had seemed like hours and hours I noticed the lake was narrowing into a river. Yes! I thought, now I am bound to meet someone. At last the lake turned into a river and the sun’s rays reached through the water. It was so uplifting being able to see around me that I immediately felt happier. Not afraid of the dark- blah! As I moved along the river I met new fish, some were friendly and would stop to say, ‘“Hello, how are you?” Some were busy taking care of their fry, while some were just plain grumpy! Day turned to night and into day again and again.

I was beginning to think I would not meet up with my friends or family at all on this cycle, when one bright sunny day I noticed a change in the water around me. The water had gathered momentum and was speeding up. Was it a…? I thought. Ah yes, in the distance I could hear the roar and I knew I was approaching a waterfall. By the sounds of it, it was a very big one too! The water picked up speed quickly in a rush of white foam and a tremendous roar. After a long fall, I landed with a plop at the bottom of the waterfall. Spinning around and around I finally set myself upright and looked around to see where I was. First thing I noticed, was that I was still travelling at great speed. Suddenly I realized this river was about to join another. Yes, I may still meet with someone, I thought happily. Bobbing along singing and chatting excitedly with the crocodiles, hippos, fish and even two giraffes, who had stopped to take a long slurp of water at the river’s edge, I got carried away and did not notice that a river had joined up with the one I was in, until I heard a tiny squeak from behind me. I turned to see my friend Tinks and relief flooded through me like warm water. At last, I was no longer alone on my journey. Tinks was relieved and very happy to be with me, as she had been alone too. Now we would both be together. We soon began to see villages and people washing their clothes by the edge of the river. By now the river had turned to a murky red brown colour and it was hard to see.

This time I was not scared, I had someone with me. Happily that did not last as long as it did in the big lake and soon we were floating off into a smaller river tributary. I now knew we were headed for the sea and told Tinks that happily our journey would be at an end soon. We would evaporate back to our clouds once we were in the sea. All we needed were some very hot sunny days and calm weather. Two more happy days passed and finally we could taste and smell salt. At last we had reached the sea! We floated round a bend in the river and heard the waves crashing into the shore. At long last we could see the sea. Entering the sea was so easy compared to the rest of the journey. Tinks and I saw family and friends straight away and soon we were all chatting and giggling away. We were happy that we had all made our journeys safely and would soon be up in the sky once more. All at once I heard Dad shouting at me to stay close as we had entered the sea at a very busy time! I heard the furious splashing and felt the rush of water wash past by. I knew it was fish swimming at great speed. I was just thinking to myself, what is the fuss about, fish get chased all the time! when I heard someone say, “It is the great sardine run!” Then I understood. I had never witnessed it before but I had heard of it. This is the biggest migration of fish anywhere on the planet. First the sardines start their journey up the coast of Africa, then behind them come bigger and bigger fish, tuna, barracuda, porpoises, dolphins, sharks of every type imaginable and whales with huge mouths that scoop tons of fish into their gaping jaws at once!

This is a spectacular event to watch and the very first time I had seen it. If I had not had my family and friends around me I would have been very, very scared and no amount of whistling would have helped. Finally we bobbed out into the middle of the ocean and away from the stormy feeding frenzy by the coast. The sun began to bake down upon us and one byone we evaporated up into the sky. I was so happy to be back in the clouds and home for a while at last.

That night as it got dark and everyone had quietly settled in for the night, I thought to myself how glad I was to have friends and family. With them you had the courage of a lion and if that was the case then saying, ‘safety in numbers’ was true. Oh, but of course it was!! That is why there had to be so many of us before we could fall and once again start our cycle.

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