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John Kawolski is a local West Country UK poet. Here he sends his latest Poem.


“Roam again, roam again, wiggly wig” said the Upwardly Mobile Travelling Pig

“To travel the world and take a glance, and find myself my favourite dance”

“I will travel by train, by ship and by car, I will travel quite near, I will travel quite far”

Around the world in search of a dance, I will start my journey with a visit to France”

In France, on the street, alone in the cold, he met an old rooster his feathers dull gold

He brought him a drink and they sat by a tree, where he asked the dear fellow, “Will you follow me?”

So the rooster and pig, now in search of a dance, discovered the ballet was big in “Bon France”

They gave it go, with a whirl and skip, then off to Spain the next leg of their trip

Crossing the border and there by the wall, a runt from a birth and rather quite small

A bull in Spain was seen as quite strong, but for one of his size it had all gone wrong

“Come travel with us” suggested the rooster, for the bull itwas just the right confidence booster

They all danced flamenco oh wiggly wig, a rooster, a bull and travelling pig!

In Portugal’s capital and needing to beg, they met a grey wolf with a lame right leg

No use for a wolf who walks with a limp, he’d been treated quite badly and then called a wimp

They told him their mission and he taught them to dance, the Vira it seems is the national dance

So on they went now four on a trip, they travelled the Med on an old wooden ship.

A storm broke their our ship on Egypt’s shore, the weather was bad and visibility poor

They thought for a moment that they had all drowned, but the cause of the crash was hard rocky ground

An eagle called down from the top of a tree, their arrival foretold it happened to be

He said “get some sticks” and said “if you please, for dancing here you’ll need some of these”.

Dancing with sticks was a funny odd thing, they gave a go for the joy it would bring

The eagle had told them he was stuck in the tree, unable to fly because he couldn’t quite see

He longed to get down, to feel the ground, to eat how he used to and wonder around

He jumped at an offer to join their band, and travelled with them now over the sand

They arrived in Croatia and fresh off the plane, were welcomed by cloud and it started to rain

So they went in a café for a drink and some food, but to the musician their ears now became glued

“I once played like that” he said “now I cheat, hearing no good I’m losing the beat”

“They know I’m a fraud, so a dwindling crowd, I wish I could somehow dispense of this shroud.”

“I have an idea”, the wolf then replied, “grab your cornet, your coat and come for a ride”

Oh brighten you spirit oh wiggly wig, and join the band of the travelling pig

He told him the mission we all had at hand, a folk dance is here as we understand, 

“The Kolo it is” the Pine Marten’s reply, “pop in next door and give it a try”.

There on the station we awaited the train, said the rooster “a thought has just entered my brain”

“I once was alone and feeling quite said”, but following you I’m now very glad

Oh thank you oh thank you oh wiggly wig, oh thank you oh thank you travelling pig”

His regal plumage now glistening and ever so bright, his gold now refined a glorious sight.

The train into Russian was rather quite slow, and later it stopped all stuck in the snow

So we pondered a while surrounded in the white, said the bull I think I do have some might

You encouraged me loads oh wiggly wig, its great making friends with a travelling pig

“Stuck, going nowhere, the bull said “heave-ho, I can pull us out of this drift in the snow”

A pull and a push and he had us right back, then horns as a plough and was clearing the track

My size didn’t matter, oh wiggly wig, oh thank you oh thank you oh travelling pig

It no longer matters I’m not normal size, travelling with you is like winning a prize

Thanking bull for pulling the train, we walked in Moscow for dancing again

The Barynya, a Russian folk dance, they stomped for a while and gave it a chance

But the mission goes on oh wiggly wig, following the team and a travelling pig

They picked up a bear with a matted brown coat, a new friend of theirs as they boarded a boat

The wind picked up and they speeded along, but it blew us of course, we went a bit wrong

The wind was so noisy, so mighty and strong, then worried they looked, the eagle had gone

But up the sky and scouting around, he return to the boat “I’ve found us some ground

I got out of the boat with courage to fly, the wind it seemed blew dirt from my eye

I can see quite clearly oh wiggly wig, because I followed you oh travelling pig”

Arriving in Norway, found somewhere to stay, and rested a while through a night and a day

But “Roam again, roam again, wiggly wig” said the Upwardly Mobile Travelling Pig

We will try out the Halling in Oslo’s fine square, “I think I was stay” said the matted brown bear

“Are you sure are you sure oh Wiggly Wig” said the Upwardly Mobile Travelling Pig

“I don’t know” said the bear “I look a right mess, I might frighten other I have to confess”

“You will be ok if you stuck in with us, let’s travel to Oslo on top of that bus!”

They boarded the bus, open top in the sun, “you’re right” said the bear “I’ve having such fun”

Having tried a new dance oh wiggly wig, “I wonder wherenext” said the travelling pig

They left Norway behind, riding a sleigh, pulled by some Reindeer but only half way

“We leave you right here” the elder one said, “Ok called the wolf, I’ll pull it instead”

Mustering strength, and no longer a wimp, that rest by the fire had got rid of his limp

They boarded a ferry to one Emerald Isle, this ride on the water might take quite a while

They went for a walk to feel the breeze, but the pine marten then slipped whilst trying to sneeze

He fell to the deck and shed a big tear and released a small stone that was lodged in his ear

He didn’t notice at first, but louder the beat, his hearing returned as he got to his feet.

“Pass me my Cornet” he said with a smile, “I’ll play you a tune not heard in a while”

His favourite big tune was a century old, it came from the jazz scene so he then told

“Oh thank you oh thank you” was all he could say, when he breathe between notes that he wanted to play

“I once was downcast but I fell alive, and I’ve remembered a dance called America Jive”

It goes like this he then showed them all, He played on cornet standing quite tall

His confidence back, a shadow no more, the light shone from him as we got to the shore

Playing his tune as we went through gate, passing some lorries all carrying freight

An odd group of animal once down on the luck, reflected on the gold they knew they had struck

Stay as they were oh wiggly wig or journey along with a travelling pig

Decided they did and all in one voice, declared together they made the right choice

Trust and follow the travelling pig, things were much better oh wiggly wig

On the Shannon, a river some swans in bright white, were swimming at speed with all of their might

Falling behind in a flap and flurry, the little one called “now what’s the hurry”

“Keep up or you’ll miss it” came back the reply, “a show quite fantastic a treat for your eye”

“Wow” said the bear, let’s follow their drift, “and whilst we are it give that one a lift!”

They hurried along with pig in the middle, caught sight of hare there playing the fiddle

The music it travelled through the air with some grace, mystical sounds in this green Celtic place

“An annual performance”, they heard the swan say, the way that they dance, the music they play

Away from the hare their eyes took a glance, more in field had started to dance

Some spread in a line and some in a group, they became quitetransfixed on this floppy-eared troop

The one with the fiddle played a magical sound, more dancers appeared, now all around

Oh dance oh dance oh wiggly wig, the rooster, the wolf and the travelling pig

The eagle, the bear, the pine marten too, they listened andslimed because all of us knew

On the banks of river, the field was full, and another thumbs up from our little bull

Oh dance oh dance oh wiggly wig, our favourite dance is the Irish Jig

“Home again, home again wiggly wig”, said the Upwardly Mobile Travelling Pig

“We travelled the world and took a glance and found ourselves our favourite dance”

“Oh thank you oh thank you oh wiggly wig, oh thank you or thank you oh travelling pig”

The rooster led thanks, then all with delight, “from darkness you took us and give us some light”

A story to tell, we have something to share, more than just dancing that was led by a hare

“Then home again home again wiggly wig” said the Upwardly Mobile Travelling Pig

This journey complete, now company part, for all of you here, perhaps a new start

Stay in touch with each other and spread round the earth, telling this story for all that its worth

Some days had past and back home in his house, telling the story to a tiny grey mouse

“This mission complete oh Wiggly Wig,” a smile on the face of the Travelling pig.

“I have a feeling now, since you all parted, Said mouse “the mission you’ll find has only started”

Another adventure to plan oh wiggly wig, off round the world with Travelling pig.

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